5 Reasons Why A Bigger Bear Is Better

5 Reasons Why A Bigger Bear Is Better

Have you ever felt like your bed was a little empty at night? Have you been missing out on social interactions since you’ve been quarantining for so long! Well Bear R Us is here to help and here’s 5 reasons why a Bigger Bear is better!

1. A bigger bear is 10 times more cuddly!

A bigger bear has a lot more surface area to hug and squish than a small teddy bear because… well… it’s a bigger bear! Hugging one is practically like hugging another person (except this person can’t run away from you and they can’t complain about all the cuddles). Bear R Us make all of our plushies from soft and comfortable material so you can have a cute and colorful cuddle partner anytime you need!

2. A bigger bear can help you sleep better

For much the same reason as people sleep with body pillows, bigger bears can act as a cuter replacement that helps fix your sleeping posture if you hug it to sleep at night! By hugging this Giant Teddy bear, you can relieve some of the pressure from your joints, especially if you’re sleeping on a firmer mattress. Overall, a bigger bear can make your nights a lot more comfortable and leave you well rested.


3. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion!

A bigger bear comes across as a much more exciting present than a small stuffed teddy bear ever could. Just think about it! Not to mention a bigger bear is a perfect gift for any occasion and for any person too! Mother’s day is coming up after all, so why not surprise your mom with a big new cuddly friend and show her how much you love her!

4. It’s hard to lose

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re making your bed and one of your stuffed animals fell on the floor. Then, when you bend down to look for it, you just can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore? Well losing a giant teddy bear is practically out of the question! No matter where you put it, this soft lovable bear will be hard to miss so you don’t have to spend that extra few minutes trying to look for it before you go to sleep!

5. It can make you happier

As weird as it may sound, stuffed animals have been linked to help relieve people of anxiety- better than a living thing or person could in some cases! This is because no matter what you’re going through or how you treat it, a stuffed animal is there to stay. Now put a giant stuffed teddy bear in the place of your usual stuffed animal and you’ve pretty much got a friend who can help you through any rough patch in your life! 

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