About Us


At Bear R Us, customer experience and satisfaction is our top priority. We constantly look to offer our consumers an online shopping experience that will resonate with them long after they have visited our store. We firmly believe that we have the perfect product for each individual who visits our site!

Our mission is to serve high-quality, design-oriented, and high attention-to-detail products for our consumers to enjoy. Bear R Us was founded to bring warmth & care into every home we can! The products we offer are made with the utmost love & care and are tailored to meet your every plushie need! 

Our spectacular team of innovators & experts are continually on the hunt for upcoming trends and viral products. Through immense effort and countless hours spent developing the phenomenal products we now serve, we strive to meet our customers every want and need, and give them the perfect plush toy to bring warmth and joy into their home! 

R you ready to get creative with the Bear R Us team?

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach us at: info@bearrus.com or call us at (716) 219-8504