Our Top-Ranked Nighttime Cuddle Buddies!

Our Top-Ranked Nighttime Cuddle Buddies!

Almost everyone around the world has had the lovely childhood experience of cuddling with their favorite stuffed animal or pillow. Looking back on nights spent with our youthful companion, those were some of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had, and I think most people can agree with me. Here at Bear R Us, our focus is to bring everyone a loving, cuddling buddy to keep by your side every night. We want to bring the nostalgic feeling back into your life and remind you of your childhood days.

Today, we’re here to discuss our top picks for a cuddle buddy amongst our catalog. After carefully selecting each individual product, I have narrowed the list down to four excellent nighttime companions for you to cuddle and love with every hug! These plushies are specially crafted to bring nothing but the purest comfort to your life, while also offering you affordable prices as to not break the piggy bank. Throw on some comfy pajamas, grab a warm drink, and get in the nighttime spirit! Your sleep is about to get a whole lot better.


1. Giant Teddy Bear Plush


BOOM, We’re starting with a bang! Our top-selling Giant Teddy Bear Plush is the PERFECT companion to cuddle with at night. This ultra-soft bear is made with the utmost love & care and is available in a wide range of colors. Additionally, select from four sizes to get the perfect-sized teddy bear for your body. At the low price of $59.95, this bear is mega-affordable! Save yourself hundreds of dollars off of market value, and get the Cotton plushie of your dreams. If you want to get that peak comfort every night of the week, this bear is the perfect option for you!


2. LED Lazy Unicorn Plush


Moving into the second spot on our list, I give you the wonderful LED Lazy Unicorn Plush! This plushie is one of the larger options available on our site, making for a wonderful cuddle buddy when the Z’s start flowing. As an added bonus, these unicorns are equipped with beautiful-colored LED lights, creating the perfect night light if you wish to use it. Bask in the marvelous comfort and glow these plushies bring, and turn back time to your childhood days. Get your best sleep back with the help of this puppy!


3. Sky Plush Toys


If you want nothing but cuteness fluttering your lifestyle, these Sky Plush Toys are a must-have! Take your pick of three lovely night-inspired styles, along with three colors. These plush toys are made with PP Cotton and bring the maximum comfort you wish for every single night. The premium plush is designed with cuddles in mind, and offers you a wondrous sleep companion at the low price of $18.99! Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a market-valued plushie, everything you need is right here. Have the sleep of your dreams, and wake up feeling motivated to succeed! 


4. Large LED Light-Up Rabbit Plush


This final item is my personal favorite. The LED Rabbit Plush makes for the ultimate cuddle buddy! Coming in both Pink & Blue, choose your favorite color and hop into your peak slumber. Similar to the Unicorn Plushie, these rabbits are equipped with LED Lights, to bring you a phenomenal night light (or super cute apartment décor!). No matter you’re age, these plushies can place a soft spot in your heart, and have you sleeping better than ever! With an affordable price tag of $49.99, these bunnies couldn’t get any better as your personal cuddler. Pick one of these up and you’ll sleep like a baby tonight!


After seeing these four spectacular products, it may be hard to choose just one! Each of these products is unique in their own way and offers something truly special when it comes to your sleeping setup. Made with love, these plushies can send you back to the best sleeps of your life and leave you energized for your day. Pick one of these cuddle buddies up, hop in bed, and cruise into your luxurious slumber. Sleep well, I know you will!


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